Harry Leo Nøttveit
Harry Leo NøttveitCEO
+47 977 77 200

Engineer with long experience with various gas plants and with handling of biogas, LNG and CNG. Furthermore, with risk assessments, and various energy engineering projects.

Karl Ludvig Ådland
Karl Ludvig ÅdlandProject Manager
+47 480 35 952

Has extensive experience in forestry and agriculture with expertise in bio-timber. Has been the project manager for several industrial and district heating projects with bio-fired heating solutions.


Renewable energy engineering company – CH4 Engineering AS

CH4’s purpose is consulting, consulting services, engineering, development of pre-projects and major projects in energy systems, with special focus on renewable energy.

CH4 has broad experience and a large network towards industry and the energy sector. The establishment of a consulting and advisory company will provide engineering services aimed at the public-private industry and agriculture. Such assignments are typically contributions in connection with pre-projects, technology and economics studies up to the main project. As well as assignments with project descriptions and applications to the policy instrument, as well as implementation of projects.

The foundations behind CH4 Engineering AS have broad experience from everything from concept and preliminary studies, project management and construction, to the operation of complete energy supply plants. The person in question has a contact network and an industry connection, especially aimed at biofuels and energy gas (Biogas, LPG, Natural Gas).

Harry Leo Nøttveit is a board representative in the energy organization Energigass Norge.


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