Expansion of biogas plant

CH4 Engineering, together with partners Nærenergi Gass and IK Rør, have completed the expansion of the biogas plant at Lindesnes.
We have good experience with process engineering facilities and have completed assignments on time and without damage.

In connection with water purification, biogas is extracted which is used for steam production.

Compressor Filling Station (CNG)

Installation of gas compression plants for biogas (mainly CH4-Methane) in connection with existing fuel storage facilities for buses consisting of LNG / LBG plants and CBG fl oak. Photos of Sandmoen, Trondheim.

Biogas membrane tank and flare

Experience – Delivery of several projects in Norway. We work with leading manufacturers, including AAT Biogas in Austria.

Delivery and project management of biogas gas upgrade facilities.

Reception facilities for LNG – LBG

We have experience from several projects with delivery of reception facilities for LNG / LBG. Pictures show 25M3 tank with evaporator at Heimdal VGS, biogas is included as one of ZEB – Zero Emission Buildings – Buildings with zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Biogas projects

Experience from design and delivery of CHP – Combined power and heat production (CHP)
Combining power and heat is an effective way to use raw biogas from a production plant. By producing electricity and heat, the use of the fuel is maximized, while reducing the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

Can refer to references from small scale plants to large machines.

LPG and other projects

Experience from refinery and from sales and marketing of LPG. Technical management of a wide range of different propane plants for industrial and domestic gas. Participated in regulatory development (Norwegian Gas Standard), and teaching of gas technicians and professional managers.

Assists gas engineers with technical assistance in engineering and FDV documentation. Conducted numerous risk assessments and explosion protection documents.